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Welcome to Mrs. Michelle Garcia Third Grade Classroom!
Where our Awesome Achievers, strive everyday to meet all of our academic achievements!

 Monday, Tuesday & Friday- Conference Time: 8:30-9:15
Wednesday-Conference Time: 1:45-2:30
Lunch Time: 11:45-12:35

Attendance is of the utmost importance so that the students will not miss out on any lessons and activities that happen throughout the day in class.

Please read with your child daily as well as practice their sight words and fluency passage.  

Homework includes:
Spanish Language Arts:
*15 spelling words 
*On Monday write the words in alphabetic order and write the words in syllables. On Tuesday write the words in pyramid form and write 1 sentence with each word (will need to have capital letter at the beginning, space between words, and punctuation.) On Thursday pick 5 words from the spelling list and write a short paragraph (check for spelling, spacing, and punctuation).
*6 Vocabulary words ( they will have to know what each one means)
*Fluency passage
*Friday tests on reading, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, math and science. 

Thank you!
Bienvenidos a la clase de Mrs. Michelle Garcia tercer grado.
Donde nuestros Awesome Achievers  se esfuerzan todos los días para alcanzar todos nuestros logros académicos
 lunes, martes y viernes-hora de conferencia: 8:30-9:15
miercoles-hora de conferencia: 1:45-2:30
Hora de comer: 11:45-12:35
Tarea: lunes-escribir las palabras en orden alfabetico y escribir las palabras en silabas. En los martes -escribir las palabras en piramide y escribir una oracion con cada palabra. En los jueves-escoger cinco palabras de ortografia en escribir un parrafo corto asegurandose de letra mayuscula, espacio entre las palabras y puntacion. 



Hi there! I am Mrs. Michelle Garcia 1st grade teacher. I am so excited to start a new school filled with lots enthusiasm to inquire my students into their grade level. We will be unstoppable!