Fifth Grade Escobar/Rios Art Club Memers

 I want to congratulate the following outstanding artists.  These students have shown great interest in art and will be in the 2013-2014 β€œArt Achiever Club.”  The mission on the Art Club is to inspire, enrich, and enable our students through the power of art; to have students actively learn art concepts and present artistic ideas, and to elevate their creativity and expression. 

This week, I will only be posting Fifth Grade students.  Next week,  I will be posting Fourth Grade.

  1.  Jorge Garcia                                   
  2. Jennifer Godines
  3. Paulina Leal                                              
  4. David Ortiz                                              
  5. Robert Vasquez
  6. Samara Rodriguez                                            
  7. Juan Cantu
  8. Alondra Francisco